Tamil Diplomat

TNA will not accept local investigation: Suresh denies Sumanthiran’s opinion

The statement of Sumanthiran that, if the term of office of the UN investigation and if they are allowed to come in the publication of the investigation report could be postponed and that, an internal investigation under the supervision of the UN would be acceptable to to us, had been denied by the official spokesman of TNA, saying further that, no such decision was reached and no consultation was done with TNA members of Parliament. He also said that this is the personal opinion of Sumanthiran, not the TNA’s.

This is strategy to shelf the 1-year Investigation Report. If the report is delayed now, nobody could say when it will be published. If Sumanthiran accepts such reports it will amount to a betrayal of Tamil people, who sent him to the Parliament. Such kind activity will not be acceptable to Federal Party and other constituent parties of the TNA, he elaborated further.