Tuesday 22 October 2019
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TNA’s agenda is Tamil Eelam…Udayagamanpila

TNA’s agenda is Tamil Eelam…Udayagamanpila

Western Provincial Councilor Udayagamanpila has stated it is clear that under the pretext of power sharing, Tamil National Alliance seeks separation, Tamil Eealm.

Speaking at a media meeting, he stated that TNA wants power sharing and federal structure in order to achieve separation.  We reject their demand.

One thought on “TNA’s agenda is Tamil Eelam…Udayagamanpila

  1. ronald peiris

    The election held on 17th August 2015 UPFA contested where as SLFP did not contest in the Elections, Is there a possibility to form a so called National Govt. with UNP ?
    When Parliament meets on 01st Sept.15 whether UPFA or SLFP memebers are taking oths?
    What is the legal implication if M3 forms a Nat.Govt. with these buffaloes where as they were elected by the voters under UPFA?
    If a voter challenge this in the Courts after the swearing of Ministers will High Courts allow the application – Hope to have your comments


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