Sunday 20 October 2019
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TNA’s current selection in Indian houses

TNA’s current selection in Indian houses

It is not important as which country is constructing the house, but houses so constructed must be satisfying the needs and likings, the TNA had said.

The countries of China and India have submitted proposals to construct houses in the North for house-less persons.

In a context where controversial opinion are prevailing, TNA Spokesman was asked for comments on the matter.

Commenting on the matter he said that China had made a proposal for building 40,000 houses with a material like cement but India had come forward to build the houses in concrete for the same cost. Our people like concrete houses. Hence we have asked the government to speak with India and get their houses.

TNA likes concrete house. Our people also like them. Hence, we will accept concrete houses, whomever may construct the houses, India, China or even Russia. TNA’s stance is that housing scheme needed and liked by our people should be built.

In this context only India had put forward such a housing scheme, he said.

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