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TNA’s selection of candidates and its internal conflict

TNA’s selection of candidates and its internal conflict

In a context that the period for handing over nominations for the forthcoming Elections had already commenced and will be ending on next Tuesday, It could be observed that all the political parties in Sri Lanka are busy in finalizing their candidates and Nomination papers. As far as the South is concerned, it could be observed that the re-emergence of Mahindha Rajapakse and the accompanying confusions, had led into a stagnant state or an uncertain state. But, as far as the home land of Tamils in North and East is concerned, the Tamil Political parties are busily engaged in finalizing their Nomination papers. Most probably, it is expected that the main Tamil political parties will submit their Nomination papers to the Election Secretariats before the end of this week.

2013-08-28TNA_Mullaitivu_3-300x180As far as the TNA is concerned, in comparison to last election, it is being confronted this time by more challenges in finalizing their candidates and Nomination papers, it is learned. Several reasons could be for this state of affairs. The first of these reasons is that, the constituents parties of the TNA, The ITAK, EPRLF,TELO and PLOT had asked for more seats. At the start there was a  stalemate among them because of this. But it is reported the an amicable solution had been reached in a meeting held at Vavuniya, last Monday. The second reason is that, compared to 2010, more people have expressed their willingness to contest in TNA. This had created some problems in the selection of candidates. This increased willingness had created some problems in sustaining people closer to them and sidelining others.The internal conflicts of the party,in selecting candidates, like covert and overt influencing, throat cutting activities against disliked people, could be noted as the third reason.  Because of the main reasons like these, a confirmed final list candidates was not publicized until the time of  writing this article. But there are some speculations in the grape wine. Although thes are pure speculations they cannot brushed off completely. As per this speculative list, all the former parliamentarians except Vinayagamoorthy Appathurai had been given the chance to contest again in Northern Province. further some candidates who lost in the 2010 election were also granted the chance, it is learned. There are rumours, that the wife of a former parliamentarian shot dead in Colombo is to be brought into the fray as a female candidate.

When we examine the candidate selection of the TNA for the Jaffna District, it is understood that have selected the candidates from within a close circle. It had not been done to represent the diversity of the Jaffna Society or from society leaders living among the people.

tna_election_001-300x181It is a common accusation that the Tamil Nationalistic politics centering on Jaffna is controlled by the upper class of Jaffna and the Upper middle class in Colombo. It could be said that, this is being proved once again, by the selection of Candidates by the TNA.

maxresdefault-300x168Ananthy Sashitharan who polled more optional votes after C.V.Vickneswaran, in the Northern Provincial Council Elections, is a person, who always echo the voices of people who are affected by war and thousands of our kins who had gone missing. She prevails always as a sentimental voice from within the society to which she belongs. Although there were expectations that she will be given nomination, Ananthy had been refused an opportunity. The internal conflicts prevailing within the TNA are said to be the reason for this. The act of  attempting to bring a woman candidate from the Upper middle class of Colombo, as a candidate for Jaffna District, while rejecting Ananthy, itself is showing off the conflicts between the policies of the TNA and their activities.

TNA_jpg_2262060f-300x225In the same way, It could have been more appropriate, if new leaders who are living among the people are identified and granted the candidateship rather that giving another chance to persons rejected by the people in the last elections. But, it could be said that,  the Leadership of the TNA had failed to do that.

As during last time, attempts are being made to bring a person from the Colombo upper middle class to field as a candidate for National List MPs, it is learned.

Although Proff.Sittampalam had expressed his liking for this, the TNA leadership is not giving any favourable  answer. His emergence as a representative of the Educational Society of Jaffna is also expected to be blocked.

All in all, in the selection of the candidates for TNA, individual interests, whims and fancies had taken precedence over the interest of people and the Party.

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