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TNA’s wrath turns on the Government due to its indifference

Heated criticism was placed forward at the TNA’s parliamentary group, that the Maithri – Ranil Government is acting  with an indifferent attitude towards the TNA. A decision was taken there to send an extensive letter to the President regarding the concern of the TNA.

The meeting of the TNA Parliament group was held at the Parliament complex.  Several TNA parliamentarians put up strong criticism on the government that, it has not fulfilled several promises made while forming the government.

In matters related to employment opportunities, the government does not pay an iota of interest, the parliamentarians have said, while expressing their concern.

* Whenever Sampanthan tables some attention drawing resolution, the Prime Minister used to go out.
Important Ministers are not present in the house. What is the government trying to tell us by all
these they asked.

* The Resettlement Minister is trying to force the pre casted houses, even after the TNA rejected them.
He does not even inform the Prime Minister.

* The government has not fulfilled the promises on releasing the TPPs. This has caused mistrust among the people.

* The TNA’s request on percentage filling of vacancies has been excluded and Ministers are appointing southerners to post North- East and these southern get transfers to south and go creating vacancies again, which could not be filled easily again

Hence, it was decided that a letter highlighting these matters and signed by all 16 TNA members should be sent the President.