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TNPF condemns that Sumanthiran had staged a drama in Vavuniya after already giving the consent

The meeting of TNA in Vavuniya is a drama staged by Sumanthiran to show that they are taking decisions in a democratic way after going to Geneva and recommending that time be given to Sri Lankan Government for implementation of the 2015 resolution, said S.Kajendran, the Secretary of the TNPF.

He was speaking in a press conference held at the Jaffna Press Club yesterday.

Elaborating further he said, Although 1 ½ years were given to the Sri Lankan Government earlier, No action was taken against the war crimes. Nothing has been found about missing persons. The murderers of Kumarapuram and Raviraj have been acquitted innocent. In this context we have been pushed into giving more time to Lankan Government.

Sumanthiran knows well that the implementation of the resolution will never happen. He trying pull wool over the eyes of Tamil people.

If the investigation mechanism fails to materialize, TNA, and those MPs and MPCs who have supported the TNA decision have to take all the blame for it he said.