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TNPF hails the resolution as a clear manifestation of Tamils’ opposition to Unitary State solution

Tamil National people’s Front (TNPF) has hailed the Genocide Resolution passed by Northern Provincial Council last Monday as a big victory for Tamils.

“It’s a victory for all Tamils”  TNPF leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam said at a press conference held at Jaffna Press club yesterday.

“We fully support the resolution, and highly praise the Northern Provincial Council and its Chief Minister, C V Wigneswaran” he further said.

Despite TNPF’s longstanding opposition against the Provincial Council system , Gajendrakumar praised the Chief Minister and the Council  Members for passing the resolution within the oppressive conditions of the system.

“NPC was created  to lock our aspiration within the 13th amendment. We consider the adoption of such a resolution from within that Mechanism as a death blow to that mechanism. We were putting forward the same idea among various challenges. When we spoke about this in the UN, TNA leadership was in the spectator cubicles. Now the CM’s resolution has given us a victory”.  He said.

“The stance of the TNA leaders is different from that of the NPC Chief Minister. If the CM find a  way to go forward keeping his stance, we are prepared to travel with him.

“The long delayed resolution pointing out that what happened in North and East is Genocide, had been made into a complete resolution of the Chief Minister and adopted unanimously in the NPC. We appreciate the brave decision of the CM to table such a resolution” He said.