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Torture and Murder case of Suman – recording of testimonies yesterday and today

The police officers on duty and others officers testified yesterday in courts  that Suman, who was arrested on suspicion by Chunnakam police and later recovered dead was taken out by OIC, Chinthaka in a healthy condition.

The testimonies of Prosecution witnesses are being recorded in the Jaffna High Court before judge Illancheliyan.

A case is in progress in Jaffna High Courts against 8 police Officers 7 of whom were present in court yesterday. The 7th suspect Wijayaratnam Gobikrishnan had escaped to Canada and the court renewed the International warrant against him.

The Deputy Solicitor General indicated that no report is available on the arrest and taking away of Suman.

Another witness said that she heard that Suman had escaped while in custody in Kilinochchi and had drowned in Iranaimadu.

Anton Punithanayagam appeared for 1st, 4th ,5th and 6th suspects , Sharmini Wigneswaran for 2nd suspect, John Thusithasan for 3rd suspect, M.Remidius for  7th suspect and J.P.A.Ranjithkumar for 8th suspect.

The case was adjourned for today for recording further testimonies.