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Tourist centres in the North, supported by Colombo unknown to NPC, CM sounds warning

The Tourist sector of the North is now in the hands of Security Forces and private persons from the South, who are not connected to Tourist Sector.  Because of this, a situation is found where the incomes that should have been reaped by us are going to the hands of other sections  or the hands of certain individuals, said the CM, NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran.

This has been stated in a report sent by the CM on the Tourism Conference, in connection with the International Tourism day, of the NPC held last Monday in Jaffna

Several sandy beaches and tourist spots are found to be overgrown with jungles without being not cared. If the tourist spots and beaches are remade to attract the tourist, they will increase the income of NP and the marketing opportunities for local products. But attempts are being  made to establish several tourist Centres with the assistance of Colombo Government, without our knowledge. People should be careful.

A need has arisen to formulate a Tourist sector that is suitable for our traditions, environment and Culture, he had said in that report.