Wednesday 20 June 2018
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TPC Declaration insists Secular Federal Solution on the basis of a self determination in merged North and East

TPC Declaration insists Secular Federal Solution on the basis of a self determination in merged North and East

The Government has no genuine interest in solving the political problems of the Tamils. The Tamils have lost their faith on action taken by the government in this regard. Hence the International community should speed up their direct intervention efforts, said the Tamil Peoples Council (TPC) declaration.

The discussion on the intended new constitution and then and publicizing of the TPC was held yesterday at the Weerasingam Hall, Jaffna yesterday under the aegis of the TPC from around 9.30 a.m.

The full declaration is available below:

Tamil People’s Council – 05/09/2017

  1. Solution to the ethnic problem of the Island of Sri Lanka should be a permanent one based on the fundamental causes leading to such problem.
  1. A federal and secular system with self determination for the merged Northern and Eastern Provinces which is the homeland the Tamil nation, could be the solution for the ethnic issue and this would ensure the dignity and peace on the Island of Sri Lanka where all citizens could live with equality.  This is the fundamental, democratic and political aspirations of the Tamil people and their will expressed by them on many occasions during the last several decades, by way of mandates granted at elections, international declarations like the Thimbu Concept, and the people’s uprisings such as Ponku Tamil, Ezhuha Tamil.  Solution with a federal system for the merged North-East Province with self determination is the basic political claim of the Tamil nation which said claim cannot be compromised.  Any sincere approach for the solution to the ethnic issue should begin from this angle.
  1. All Muslim and Sinhala people (other than those who were colonized by the State through planned colonization schemes) who are natives of the merged North-East Tamil homeland, shall be entitled to all the rights in the Federal Unit. The Muslims of the merged North-East shall have the right to claim a separate political unit for themselves.
  1. The proposed Constitution must have arrangements to fulfill and satisfy the basic needs and political aspiration of the Upcountry Tamils. We will continue to show our solidarity with them to achieve their Political aspirations.
  1. The aforesaid political claims should be recognized with a view to safeguarding the existence of the Tamil people from the genocide that is being carried on by the Government of Sri Lanka during the past seventy years on a planned and systematic agenda. Further, accountability for this genocide should be ascertained through an international independent criminal forum such as International National Court of Justice or an International Criminal Forum monitored by the UN.
  1. Our demand for a political solution and the accountability for the genocide can neither be compromised nor be substituted therefor. Natural Justice to the Tamil people will be granted to them only if these two claims are accepted.
  1. It has been a prolonged practice of the Sri Lanka Government to give assurances at international platforms with regard to the political solution and accountability and then drag on without fulfilling any of them and deceive all.

It is the usual strategy of the Sri Lanka Government to give false promises in order to safeguard itself from international pressure.

The present Government has not shown any difference from the earlier Governments in this regard.

This Government has failed to implement with sincerity any of its promises given to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, in that the Government has not given due consideration to the view of the affected people in order to fulfilled the promises.  Alternative, it continues with its deceiptful tactics of apparent action aimed at misleading the international community.

All international organizations should take into serious consideration of the official statements issued by the highest authorities of the Sri Lanka Government inclusive of the President, the Prime Minister and member of the Cabinet of Ministers in a manner degrading and challenging the trust placed by the world countries on the Human Rights Council of the UN and on the democratic process, in that the Sri Lanka Government has openly denied the assurances given to the UN with regard to matters such as International Judges and the abolition of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The views expressed by the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet of Ministers, Chairman of the Committee for Public Opinion on the New Constitution and persons charged with the drafting of the new constitution, are indicative of the total rejection not only of the accountability issue, but also of political aspirations of the Tamil people by disapproving the recommendations made by the Committee for Public Opinion on the New Constitution.

Whereas the repeated official refusal by the highest authorities of the State clearly indicates the absence of sincere political will with regard to a solution to the political issue of the Tamil people and the matter of accountability, and whereas the Tamil people, through their practical experience, have lost hope in the steps taken by the Sri Lanka Government, it shall be the world countries which could directly intervene in the matter without delay and cause justice to be meted out to the affected people on the basis of their aspirations enumerated above.



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