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TPC gearing up to preserve culture: Calls all to join

The TPC is to take up, as its next stage of strong action, the preservation of Art and Culture. Formed as a people’s movement, surpassing all the political boundaries  in a quest of safeguarding the rights and interests of Tamil People, inaugurated on the 2nd of this month, the task of drafting a solution to ethnic problem.

While this task is being undertaken on a successful note, the task of forming an Expert  Sub-Committee for the purpose of preserving the Arts and Cultural Values is being undertaken, parallel to it. The TPC had invited professional experts in the fields of Arts and Culture to join this Sub-committee.

The future prosperity and life of a nation is not decided only on its political rights. We should not forget that, they depend also on preserving the hereditary, and the identities of Arts, culture and civilization. There is an environment prevailing where our youth could easily deviate from proper path.

Hence a need had risen to form organisations for the preservation of Arts and Culture in all districts of Northern and Eastern Provinces. The TPC invites from you all suitable suggestions and your whole hearted support, the TPC had said. It had further said that all concerned persons could contact them through: 0756993212, 0710145723or through e-mail : kalaachchaaram@tamilpeoplescouncil.org.