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TPC is against TNA : Leader of the house CVK

The TPC formed under Northern CM, C.V.Wigneswaran, is against the TNA, said the Leader of the House, C.V.K.Sivagnam.

He said this to the newsmen when they asked his comments on the formation of TPC with a call of preparing a new constitution.

The TNA or ITAK will not be affected by the formation of TPC. After some time the TCP will dissipate into thin air. There is no need for the Members of the TNA or ITAK to worry about the formation of TPC.

A leader of TNA who had joined the TPC had said that TNA in a partner of the Government. This statement is enough to show that the TPC is against the TNA.

No member of the NPC had joined the TPC except the CM, he said.