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TPC says a ” BIG THANK YOU” to Tamil people

The grand ” Ezhuka Thamizh” rally was conducted  on 24/09/2016, for condemning the oppression on Tamil people and  to show the Sri Lankan state and the International Community the necessity of granting the rights of the Tamil people, under the aegis of Tamil People’s Council.

Unprecedented people thronged the routes of the two pronged rallies from Nallur and University area and at the Jaffna esplanade, estimated at a modest near 20,000.

In this rally launched by CM, C.V.Wigneswaran, large number of clergy, public organizations and parties participated and expressed their solidarity and sentiments.

The TPC’s press release says :

The unprecedented participation of people had become a historical record in the history of Tamils.

The congregation   of this number of people for such a rally after the not so distant genocide of 2009, in it self is a historical record.

It had loudly declared that our sacrifices will not go waste and that we are not ready to compromise our rights.

The council bows its head to the large number of crowds who braved the scorching sun to attend the meeting.

We also bow to the large contingent of Clergy who made an immense contribution to the success of the Rally.

We are proud to see the rise of the Jaffna University’s Teachers, students and other staff.

We cannot forget the sentimental deed of the traders who cooperated by closing their institutions for the Rally

We look at the people who sacrificed their day’s earning to attend the rally with thanking eyes.

We also thank the bus owners for providing effective service during the rally and after it.

The participation of people in waves after waves, identifying and defeating all the propaganda of some media to disrupt the rally, publishing confusing news, is giving  a strong message.

But  we also thank the patriotic media and media men who labored unceasingly  for the success of the rally.

Seeing the Tamil hearts, their patriotism and their love of Tamil, we are confident that this soil will not forget the sacrifices, shall not be subjugated, and abandoned their rights.