Friday 22 November 2019
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TPC vexing some in TNA, clarify the CM

TPC  vexing some in TNA,  clarify the CM

I clarified to Sampanthan regarding TPC. After listening to me fully , he said that TPC is a Democratic Organization. If this is vexing some in the TPC, we cannot do anything about it, said the CM, Wigneswaran.

When he was asked to comment of the statements of some of the TNA members regarding TPC, he said as above.

Clarifying further he said that, he met Era. Sampanthan in Colombo, and clarified about TPC. He listened to me fully. I explained to him that the TPC is not a political party. For the several years the government is keeping mum about what they are going to give the Tamil people and the Tamil People had not said anything about what they want. I explained to him that we see TPC as an organization to find out this from the people and bring them out.

I further said we have no intention to make it party or to work towards it. Then he accepted that this is a democratic activity, said the CM.

When he was asked to comment about his suggestion of asking the Army to clean the drainage and his comment being criticized in a racial view, he said that, one NPC member said the floods were caused by the Army blocking the drainage channels to prevent penetration by LTTE militants, I said that if the Army is powerful enough to close the channels, as well they must be powerful to clean them. There is nothing in it to view it racially and no need to do so.

On his meeting with Sampanthan, he said, it went well, Both of us got to know matters not known to us, and it was a discussion with awareness, he said.


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