Tamil Diplomat

TPC will go forward with priorities to Accountability, Political Solution and merger of North and East

The TPC should take the matters of Making the Sri Lankan Government to account for the war crimes and Human Rights violations, Political solution for the long prevailing ethnic problem and merger of North and East must be taken among Tamil people and insisted at International level , said the Chief Minister of NPC and one of the Co-Chairs of TPC, C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was speaking in the 5th sitting of the TPC with the Co-chairs, C.V.Wigneswaran , Dr.P.Luxman , and T.Vasantharajah presiding it.

The Government is doing all what is possible to blunt the Geneva Resolutions. They are trying to submit some half baked constitution with the connivance of people closer to them and show to the International Community that solution had been achieved and there is no need for accountability.

Whether it is the leaders in the Government or the bottom level Sinhalese, they all are adamant that no Sinhalese soldier should be punished. It is evident in the release of the perpetrators of Kumarapuram massacre.

The Sinhala language came into use around 6th Century AD. Tamils converted into Buddhists in 2nd and 3rd centuries. Whatever Buddhist remains available in the North belongs to the period of Tamil Buddhist, he said.