Tamil Diplomat

TPP distressed in prison within Prison at Anuradhapura

A Tamil Political Prisoner who has been arrested on suspicion under Prevention of Terrorism Act, for the attack on Anuradhapura Air port and detained in the Anuradhapura Prison is being tortured by placing in a prison within a prison at the Anuradhapura Prison, the parents said.

Rasavallavan from Chunnakam was arrested in 2009 under PTA was charged in the Special Court of Anuradhapura in 2008 in connection with  the attack on the Anuradhapura Air Force base, and the case is being heard.

On fake charge that he had planned to escape from prison, he had been detained in a solitary cell for the last three years, and had refused all facilities available to any prisoner, the parents said.

After staying without seeing relatives for a long time he was brought to Jaffna prison for a visit by relatives, but the prison authorities refused to allow the visit and sent him back. No action was taken on complaints regarding this to  HR Commission, the Commissioner of prisons and the Red Cross, they further said.

Our son had been affected mentally and physically due to the solitary imprisonment for more than 3 years. We do not have the resources to visit him often in Anuradhapura, they expressed concern.

These cruel activities are pre-meditated revenge taking while we expected that he will be at least released from his prolonged incarceration in the good governance and the relevant authorities should take suitable action to alleviate the distress of their son, they said.