Tamil Diplomat

TPPs release- Government did not keep its promises, Condemned Sumanthiran in Parliament


In a context of government promising to release the Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs)  before Nov. 8th, only  3days are left before the deadline expires. The TNA’s spokesman M.A.Sumanthiran pointed out that, No overt activities are occurring as promised. He also questioned whether the TPPs are discriminated because they are Tamils?

Having them in prison for song without any witness, saying now that the AG should decide on them is a deceit. If cases are not filed against them the, there are no evidence available with the AG now. They will have to find the evidence now and file case against them. The peace of the country which was not disturbed when JVP members and 12,000 Tamil militants were released will not be disturbed by releasing 300 TPPs, he said.

He also warned that if the promises about taking action against Bribery and Corruption this government may not last long.