Tamil Diplomat

TPPs suspend their Fast unto death subsequent to CM’s assurance

The TPPs who were on a fast unto death  placing 2 demands had suspended their fast from yesterday, placing much faith on the speedy actions of the CM.

21 TPPs detained in Anuradhapura Prison went on their fast unto death from last 21st.

A group of people led by the Mannar Citizen Committee president Anthony Sahayam, including NPC Member, Dr.G.Gunaseelan, President of the Organization for the release of prisoners, Rev.Fr.M.Sakthivel, and its organizer,Suntharam Mahendran  undertook a visit to see the fasting TPPs.

It is learned that, at time of their visit a telephone from the CM had reached Dr. Gunaseelan saying that CM had sent an urgent letter to President and the Prime Minister and certain speedy actions are being taken. Tha CM’s message was passed on to the TPPs, they had said that they are suspending their fast placing good faith on the CM.

Following this the visitors  served cool drinks and concluded the fast.