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Transgression of Indian Fishermen & 4 Million worth of nets of Vadamaradchchi Fishermen destroyed

Tension prevailed in Vamaradchchi  as the Fishermen of Vadamaradchchi sieging the Navy Camp their accusing the Navy of taking no action against the Indian Fishermen, who had destroyed their nets worth around 4 Million rupees.

Excitement prevailed while the Kaddaikadu fishermen sieged the Navy Observation point in Kaddaikadu.

Hundreds of Indian Trawlers transgressed into Kaddaikadu sea area yesterday, Saturday early morning. They have come within 200 Meters from the shore, cut and destroyed the nets of Kaddaikadu fishermen, with amount of nets being dragged away with the transgressing Trawlers. The total loss was estimated at 4 Million.

The fishermen had immediately informed the observation post, but the Navy men had not taken any action against the Indians. Following this the fishermen had heaped their destructed nets around the observation post and had sieged it.

The Divisional Secretary, Maruthankerny, K.Kanageswaran immediately rushed to the spot made the damage estimation and informed the District Secretary, Jaffna regarding the incident.

The District Secretary had informed the Navy Commander of the NP immediately following which the Commander had sent two boats to the area.