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Tree Planting Month with a theme “Our lands … our trees” commenced yesterday

The tree planting month under the aegis of the Northern Provincial Council, commenced yesterday at Kilinochchi with a theme of ” OUR LANDS …OUR TREES’.

The event was held at the Kovinthankadai junction, Makilankadu, on the left cannel of Iranai madu, Kilinochchi.The tree planting month was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran.

The Ministry of Environment of the Northern provincial Council had declared the month of November as the tree planting month and tree planting is carried out by them every year.

The tree planting month of this year had been declared with a theme of ‘Our Lands.. Our Trees’.

This year’s tree planting campaign will be continued till 30th, having in mind that, Local trees are the life line of local bio-environment.

Several people including the CM, Northern Minister of Agriculture Ainkaranesan, Minister of education, Kurukularajah, MP,SiritharanNPC Leader of the Opposition, Thavarasa , NPC members, Secretaries of the MInistries, The District Secretary, Kilinochi, Suntharam Arumainayagam,Officials and and students participated in this event.