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The trial of murderous attack on TNA Members at Kaytsto be taken up for trial on 26th, after 15 years

The case against the members of EPDP, in which they being charged with attacking TNA members including Mawai Senathyrasa, and killing one person, when they went for election propaganda to Kayts on 2001.11.28th, has been announced to be called on 26th.

The case was in proceeding at the Trincomalee courts and transferred to Jaffna courts.

A murderous attack was carried out on the members of TNA, including Mawai Senathyrasa and Sivajilingam and a supporter of TNA was killed. Several were injured.

The case was handed over to AG’s Department and although a charge sheet was prepared by the in 2006, it was submitted in Trincomalee courts only last year.

Sebastian Ramesh alias Napoleon, Nadarajah Mathanarajah alias Mathan, Anton Sivaraja alias Jeevan and Namasivayam Karunakarakurumoorthy were charged on 47 counts in the Trincomalee court along with illegal members of EPDP.

The was transferred by AG to Jaffna courts on July 4th . Following the case files received by Jaffna courts, the Judge, Illancheliyan has ordered that summons be issued on the four accused.