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Trisha plays a 20-year-old in Nayaki

In her upcoming Tamil-Telugu horror-comedy film Nayaki, actress Trisha will essay a role much younger than her real self. The film’s director Govi, says she will be portraying a 20-year-old character in the film.”She has been preparing herself to look much younger over the last couple of months,” he adds.

For her role, Trisha, has also lost some weight. “I didn’t have to tell her how she should look for the character. When I narrated the story, she understood what was expected of her to do justice to the role,” he says.
For her special look, the team has hired a popular makeup artist and costume designer from Mumbai. “Trisha will be mostly seen in the 1980s look. The story will go back and forth in time. The film is 98% comedy and 2% horror,” says Govi, adding, “Although there’s a male lead in the film, Trisha is my hero. I’m her biggest fan, and I’ve always wanted to make a film with her. It took her only 10 minutes to accept the offer.”