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Trouble Tamil’s Water – The Scientific understanding for Palk Bay fishing

Dr.C.S. Jamunanantha ( SMO, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna)

Poaching in Sri Lankan waters by Indian fishermen is being observed. There are more than Five thousand fishermen have been arrested and prisoned during the last ten years.  Poaching in SriLankan waters by Indian fisherman is a multifactorial function. It is depending on pulling factors, pushing factors and fencing factors. It can be given by the following formula.


Pushing Factor one

Quantum Impact of the nuclear power stations at Kalpakam and Kudamkulam heavily affect the maritime flora. South Eastern India costal area having nuclear radiation belt from Kudumkulam to Kalpakam. Since sea planktons are diminished towards Indian costal area due to Quantum radiation Impact. Fishing yield also is becoming less in Indian costal area. So it is naturally make Indian fishermen to cross the Indo Sri Lankan maritime border to catch more fish. And it will be an ongoing bread wining process.

Pushing Factor Two

Impact of Climate change in Indo Sri Lankan Maritime water with Northern Sri Lankan Context

I have examined more than 600 Indian fishermen who had been arrested by Sri Lankan Navy for crossing the maritime border. I got to know from some of the fishermen that they had the plight due to unexpected sea currents and it has been observed that more fishing boats are being in Northern sea in recent years. It may be attributed to Elnino. Because Sri Lanka has five major floods and four major droughts since 2010 attributed by changing climate. So the marine water especially in low depth area also should have the impact. And that may be the reasons for the more fishing boats are misdirected.

Global worming has made tremendous changes in the environment. It has massive effect on the marine environment. The Elnino has influenced the waves in the sea especially the Kelvin waves. Further studies shows the impact of Elnino in Kelvin waves are more in coastal oceans. It is applicable to Indo Sri Lankan Maritime border too. AndIndia has huge costal area with different direction facing Indo Sri Lankan. Maritime border. So there are more chances to develop unexpected current in these area. These can be proved by putting Buoyant in the vulnerable areas. This is very vital for the justice of fishermen’s whose boats are misdirected in unexpected currents.

Further sea fauna and flora also deeply affected by the Elnino. So we cannot blindly blame the Indian fisherman for our poor fishing yield. 

palk-bay-fishing-1Pushing Factor Three

Bottom trawling of Indian fisherman causes diminish fish yield is Indian water.

Pushing Factor Four

Illegal business by the fishing boats like “Kerala Kancha” trafficking.

Pushing Factor Five

Increased Social Capita for fishing in Tamil Nadu.

Pulling Factors

Factor One   – Lack of Native fishermen in fishing in Northern Sea due to    War loss (Genocide Aftermath Factor).

Factor Two – Lack of Access to fishing harbor and coastal areas in     Northern   Sri Lanka by Native Tamil fisherman.

Factor Three – Lack of Social Capita in fishing in Northern Sri Lanka due    to War. Causing less fishing and have more place for      Indian fishermen.

Factor Four – Far away from Indian Nuclear plants. Quantum impact –      inversely proportion to squared distance.

Factor Five – No bottom trawling in Northern sea by Tamil Native   fisherman

Fencing factors for poaching of Indian fishing boats

Factor 1   – Sri Lankan Navy Patrollingand the Surveillance.

Factor 2   – Indian Coastal Guards.

Factor 3   – Indian Navy

Factor 4   – Sri Lankan Government

Factor 5   – Indian Government

Factor 6   – Tamil Nadu Government

Factor 7   -International laws and obligations

Factor 8   – Tamils ethnic problem