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Truth and Reconciliation commission should come after political solution : CM

In a context where the Government is trying to create the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the CM, NPC, has said that, it should be formed after the political solution is presented.

In Africa the Truth and Reconciliation Commission came only after obtaining a political solution. Our people have a suspicion. They are suspicious that the government will do this and that but will not deliver a just solution to Tamil people. That fear is with us always said he.

He was speaking in an event for educational assistance held in the Cooperative hall, day before yesterday

He further said that the granting of aids to Tamil people while stationing hundreds of thousands Army men in the North looks like the government buying off people with money. It is my duty to say this, I think.

In the earlier Government we were unable to work along with Officers like District Secretary and Grama sevakas. But now the situation had improved, he said.