Tamil Diplomat

Turkish air strikes ‘changing regional game’

Ahmet Davutoglu said there were no plans to send ground troops into Syria and that air strikes were meant to support moderate rebels fighting IS.On Sunday Turkish jets again attacked PKK camps in northern Iraq.Nato is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation on Tuesday, at Turkey’s request.

Mr Davutoglu told a meeting of Turkish newspaper editors that, following Turkey’s military action, there were now “new conditions” in the regional conflict.However, the raids against the PKK in northern Iraq effectively ended a two-year ceasefire.

Turkish jets were again in action over northern Iraq on Sunday, and a PKK spokesman told AFP news agency that two positions north of Dohuk and north of Irbil had been hit.Earlier, a car bomb hit a Turkish military vehicle on a highway near Diyarbakir in south-east Turkey, the army said.

Kurdish militants then opened fire on the vehicle killing two soldiers and wounding four others, it added.In recent days, Turkey has also arrested hundreds of people suspected of supporting IS or the PKK.(BBC-2015).