Saturday 11 July 2020
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Turkish warplanes bombing Kurdish region must stop:

Turkish warplanes bombing Kurdish region must stop:

Turkish warplanes bombing Kurdish region must stop The Kurdish people supported the European Union, USA, and their allies in their fight against ISIS and managed to expel them from their territory. In the process, many Kurdish people sacrificed their lives to protect Europe from the ISIS threat.

Now that the ISIS threat has been thwarted, the world has abandoned the Kurdish people. From the morning of June 15th, 60 warplanes of the Turkish state bombed 81 locations, including civilian areas, in Makhmour, Sinjar, Qandil, Zap and Xakurk. The Turkish attacks against the Kurds were all in the regions that were formerly liberated from terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and ISIS.

The Kurdish people feel abandoned by their allies despite the tremendous sacrifices they made on their behalf.

It is the EU and the USA which should exert pressure on Turkey to stop the bombing and save thousands of Kurdish civilians from being massacred by the Turkish bombing missions.

It is the least the allies could do to protect innocent Kurdish lives. They must also recognize the autonomy of the Kurdish people. Failure to do so will have farreaching consequences for stability in this region.

Eelam Tamils condemn these attacks and stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people and their right to decide their future for themselves.

 -International Council of Eelam Tamils-

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