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Turmeric cultivation successful in Visuvamadu, Mulaitheevu District

Technologist for the Humanitarian Activities Management Organization for Reconstruction and Renovation,(RAHMA),  K.V.Thomas said that the Turmeric Cultivation in Visuvamadu has succeeded.

The RAHMA Organization undertook a soil resource research in Vanni area in order to undertake Turmeric cultivation. Accordingly, Turmeric Cultivation was undertaken in Visuvamadu area and the cultivation that could be harvested in 8 months, is a great success he said. Although, 5 to 8 Kgms. Of harvest per Kg. was expected, the yield had smashed all expectations to reach 18 to 20 Kgms. Per kg. of seeds.

Meanwhile the soil test were completed in the Village of PanaiNintran and cultivation had started there. A training course for cultivation of Turmeric was started in Mulankavil under the aegis of Mulankavil Farmers Association. This training presided by the Farmers Association President, P.Tharmakulasingam, Instructions and practical training were provided by the RAHMA personnel to the Beneficiary Farmers.5 beneficiqaries were selected abd Turmeric Cultivation was started immediately. It is notable that both Male and Female famers participated in this Training class.