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Two important LTTE members to be released: says Gota

Former Defense Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajpakse said yesterday that, two important LTTE members who planned and executed several attacks in are among the LTTEers to be released by the Government soon.

The name of one is “MORRIS”. He is the mastermind behind the attacks in Colombo. He is the mastermind behind the attack on General Sarath Fonseka. The other one is identified as “GIN“. Morris brought the girl who made the attack on Sarath Fonseka. The people who are pressurizing to release the LTTers do not know in what circumstances they were arrested.

Several were released after rehabilitation. Those who were not released could cause grave danger to National Security. Some of those who were detained had maintained contact with Pottu Amman.The study among the LTTers showed that they were still committed to their cause.

They could influence the rehabilitated Tigers. Intelligence people underwent lot of difficulties in arresting them, said Gotabhaya.