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Two Years grace to GOSL is a betrayal of Tamil people, condemns the leader of TNPF, Gajendrakumar

The leader of the TNPF, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam condemned that if further two years period is granted to Government of Sri Lanka in the United Nations , it will amount to a betrayal to the Tamil people. The TNA has to bear the responsibility to this, he further said.

He was addressing media men in a media conference held at the HO of the TNPF yesterday.

Elaborating further he said that, the GOSL has publicly stated last week that it needs further 2 years to implement UN resolutions.

TNA spokesman Sumanthiran had said that if the government calls for two year time, the TNA will support it, only if there is some progress in the Constitution drafting. He had said so without being aware of what is happening with regard to constitution drafting.

TNA Leader Sampanthan had said that if the UN is to grant 2 year time, then, UN monitoring should be there in Sri Lanka.

As far as we are concerned, the statements of both Sampanthan and Sumanthiran clearly show that they have already consented for the grace, and the UN monitoring drama is to justify the consenting, screen the consent, make the Tamil people accept the granting of time and to escape from the possible and strong condemnation from Tamil People.

TNA consented for Internal Investigation and handed over the matter directly to the GOSL and the GOSL is manipulating things as per its own agenda.

If at a context where, the TNA should have told the world that it do not has faith on GOSL, if it allows the extension of time, well, it has to bear the whole responsibility for the betrayal of Tamil people. Tamil people also should clearly understand this, he said.