Friday 14 August 2020
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Youth arrested and tortured by Police in Chunnakam area

Youth arrested and tortured by Police in Chunnakam area

The Regional Director for Jaffna of the Human Rights Commission, T.Kanagaraj said yesterday that inquiries had been commenced by the HR Commission regarding the arrest of two youth by police and the subsequent torture on them in the Chunnakam area in Jaffna.

Two youths from Erlalai North, Balasingam niranjan ( 29 Years) and Balasingam Pragash( 26 years) were proceeding towards their home at 10.30 p.m. on the 19th .

The Chunnakam police who were engaged in road checking had stopped them. After inspecting the documents they have asked for the NICs of the youth. The youth said that they were not in possession of the NICs at that time, but produced their Driving Licenses instead. Refusing to accept the Driving Licenses, the police had taken the youth to Chunnakam police Station.

At the Police Station the police assaulted severely the youth called Niranjan hanging him upside down. The other youth also had been assaulted severely. On the following day they had been released on police bail. They have said to the relatives of the youth that, they made inquiries from the youths about a theft.

People connected to incident said that Rs.3,000/= were taken away from the youth.

The relatives of the youth had admitted the youth at the Thellipalai Hospital and reported the matter to the Human Rights Commission.

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