Tuesday 2 June 2020
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Two Youths killed in Siruppiddy – charge sheets filed against 5 Army men

Two Youths killed in Siruppiddy – charge sheets filed against 5 Army men

Jaffna Magistrate Court yesterday recommended to AG Department to file charge sheet against five Army men accused in the case where 2 Tamil youth were taken into Siruppiddy Army camp and subsequently murdered.

The court is satisfied in evidenced placed forward against the 5 Army men in the non-summary hearing. Hence the court hereby orders that charge sheets be filed in High Court for abduction and man slaughter against the five accused.

Two youths were abducted and killed on the 28th  October 1997. 16 Army men were arrested by the Atchchuvely police. However the Magistrate Court granted bail to all suspects in1998. Shelved following the bail, the AG again brought up the case in 2016.

Two of the accused were killed in war.14 were remanded by Jaffna Magistrate. 9 of them were released from the case on instructions from AG. Other five were granted bail by the Jaffna High Court.

Meanwhile the Military Police making inquiries on the case recovered the gold chain of one the victims and his wrist watch from inside the Sirupiddy Army Camp in as early as 1997 itself.

Further, it is notable that, a woman testified in the Non-summary inquiry last year thus:  “The army men took the two youth into the Siruppiddy Army camp…I saw it with my own eyes…I waited there for some time…the youth never came out ”

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