Friday 7 August 2020
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Ultimate sacrifice – Thiyagi Thileepan  remembered sentimentally in Nallur

Ultimate sacrifice – Thiyagi Thileepan  remembered sentimentally in Nallur

The 31st commemoration of  Thiyagi Thileepan  who scorched himself in the flame of sacrifice for the dawn of Tamil people, placing 5 demands against the Indian Government was held sentimentally at Nallur where he breathed his last.

Silent tribute was paid at exactly at 10.48 hrs. at which time Thileepan  departed from this world, at the North Eastern corner of the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple yard.  Two youths came in  “Paravai Kavady” ( A bow fulfilled by hanging  from a beam on hooks attached to their body) to pay their homage to Thiyagi Thileepan, at his memorial.

Following this the commemoration was continued at the memorial for Thiyagi Thileepan.  Members of the Families of Maveerars lighted the Prime Memorial flames, garlanded the photograph placed near the memorial and paid floral tributes. All those who ,participated in the event followed suit.

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Sentimental commemoration of Thiyagi Thileepan at University of Jaffna

Thiyagi Thileepan  was remembered at the University of Jaffna,  with Actg. VC, and  Dean of Science Faculty, Dr. Prince Jeyathevan lighting the main memorial flame exactly at 10.48 hrs. Following the homage paying of  Lecturers , Students and staff of the University , memorial addresses were delivered by Lecturers and students. Documentaries of the historic struggle were screened.

Thileepan jaffna uni 1 Thileepan jaffna uni 2 Thileepan jaffna uni

Commemoration at Kilinochchi

Kilinochchi  Kanthaswamy Kovil was venue for commemoration at Kilinochchi. Members of the Provincial council, members of the Pradeshiya Sabas and Representatives of Civil Societies and general public participated in the event.

The event organized by the TNA started at 10.48. Main sacrificial flame was lighted and floral tributes were paid. A symbolic fasting was also undertaken at the venue.

Thileepan kilinochchi

Commemoration at Mannar at two places

The commemoration in Mannar was held under the aegis of Thileepan Commemoration Committee at the auditorium of Mannar TC. All religious dignitaries, NPC Ministers Members and members of the Pradeshiya Sabas, representatives of Public Organizations and the general public participated in the event.

Another commemoration was held at the Office of the Mannar Public Organization presided by V.S. Sivakaran at 10.48 hrs.

THilepan Mannar

Relatives of missing commemorate Thileepan at their Office at Ananthapuram.

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