Tamil Diplomat

Ultimatum by Kepapilavu demonstrators: Solution before this evening, else, we will even sacrifice our lives to get our land

The Kepapilavu people who are engaged in a continuous struggle to get their lands released from Air Force occupation has warned that if a suitable solution is found for their problem, their form of struggle will change and they will not hesitate even to sacrifice their lives in redeeming their lands from occupation.

The Air Force has occupied more than 40 acre belonging to 84 families in Pilakudiyiruppu and reinforced their fences and has made the land in-accessible to people. Although the GS called the owners to be present on 31st January for measuring of land, no official turned to measure land. After waiting a whole day, the people started their struggle on the same day and were continuing it for the 7th day yesterday.

The people also have shunned compromise attempts by District Secretary, Mullaitheevu, Regional Air Force Commander, Divisional Secretary, Karaithuraipattu, MPs and MPCs, bowing that, their struggle will end only with the stepping into their own lands.

It could be observed that the protesters cook their meals at the spot, under the trees. Students were seen carrying on their learning activities under the trees near the spot. Their teachers were also seen helping them there. A special Medical team from Mulaitheevu District Hospital visited the protesters and provided medical attention to those who have been afflicted with diseases. Cold nights at the spot have seen the protesters both young and old sleeping in the open without much protection. Neighboring villagers, youths and civil societies are providing whatever possible help to the protesters.

It is also notable that the Hindu priest of the temple at Kepapulavu had started a non-stop Siva worship Pooja to invoke blessings on the protesters.