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UN Report demands a credible domestic inquiry with international judges, not an international probe: Rajitha

Minister of Health and Cabinet Spokesman Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has observed that the UN Report demands a credible domestic inquiry with international judges. It is not an international probe.

Referring to the report, he said: “What the international community is stressing as war crimes is not the killings in the battle field, but the other killings and wrong doings that had taken place in the cover of the war. The Sri Lankan security forces need not be agitated over the report or the proposed investigations.

It was a great achievement of the government that the report submitted on Wednesday did not contain a list of names of those who had committed war crimes. When the report was discussed during the previous regime, it contained 48 names. That list has been removed.

The report does not definitively state that there had been war crimes. It reports the information they have found and proposes to look into the allegations and take action. The rest is up to the government. It has accused the LTTE for its atrocities and for taking civilians as a human shield during the last phase of the war. It has requested the government to take action against those who ordered the forces to commit war crimes.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa when he met then UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on May 23, 2009 pledged to investigate into the alleged war crimes. Former Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dayan Jayathilake on May 27, 2009 spelt out a series of actions that the government hoped to take to investigate the alleged war crimes.

However, none of those promises were kept. It was the previous government that accepted the Darusman report. The international community stressed the need to conduct an international inquiry. Now, they have changed their stance and have accepted a domestic inquiry with international judges. The government expects that the situation will further ease up with the final resolution backed by the US.”