Tamil Diplomat

UN set the stage for Mahindha Regime’s massacre of Tamil people, accuses CM C.V.Wigneswaran

The UN and its Agency establishments set the stage  for the Massacre drama of the former government. The approval of the then Resident Representative of UN, ensured  a situation where there was no slackness pity or mercy in the autocratic activities of the then regime ,said Justice C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was speaking in the Annual conference of the NGOs of the Northern Province, yesterday.

Elaborating further he said, most of the NGOs were operating under government controls. Others are monitored heavily. The current state of this situation is a matter for evaluation. Whenever a disaster occur somewhere, all the NGOs rush to that country or place. And it is observable their projects are improperly oriented towards their income. Certain amount of money is needed for the NGO administration, but, it should be limited to around 10 to 15% of the total allocation.

During the war all foreign NGOs were expelled from Vanni. Local NGOs terrorized and paralyzed through threats, abductions and murder.

Although no controls are implemented now, but, we are not prepared to go along with all the plans of the NGOs, he said.