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Under privileged village boy in Vidthatpallai, Scores 9 ‘A’s in GCE(O.L)

N.L.Roojanan, a student of the Vidathatpalai Kamalasini Vidyalayam, a village school 7Km. away from Kodikamam, had scored 9 ‘A’s in the GCE(O.L) – 2014, while no other student in Chavakachcheri except C/Hindu and Meesalai Veersingham Central College had scored 9As.

Other than him, S.SounthaGesthamany had scored 6As and S. Sivapiruntha had scored 3As.

The principal E. Nagendran said that the success rate in the 2014 O/L which was at 35% has risen to 62.5% in the 201 5O/L.