Tamil Diplomat

UNHCR Report has positive, negative sides : Minister Dilan

Minister Dilan Perera has observed that the UNHRC report has positive and the negative sides. We must discuss the issues raised in the report extensively. The report that has come out is not going to be the final report. Our delegation, which in Geneva, has an opportunity to discuss issues in the report until September 30.

He also stated that the government under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena has been able to build a healthy dialogue with countries like the USA and the countries that supported the USA motion against Sri Lanka last time. We must make use of this cordial relationship with the USA to bargain on the negative points in the report. No genocide took place in Sri Lanka. We must try to bargain on the UNHRC’s recommendation for the establishment of a hybrid special court. We must tell them that we will not be able to tell Sri Lankan people why we are allowing foreign judges to come here.

He concluded that we must stop the mediation of foreign judges. Our judges in Sri Lanka are cable of handling the matter. There are countries that request our judges for their judicial work on contract basis. In African countries, there are instances where our judges have become the chief of the judicial systems. We can come to an agreement about how the UNHRC is going to observe the proceedings of local investigations. I am sure that our officers will be able to bargain and try to diminish the negative aspect.