Tamil Diplomat

Uniformed men robbed cattle, accuse Kepapulavu people

The uniformed men who have occupied people’s lands in Kepapulavu in Mullaitheevu District, have also robbed the cattle of the people, it is accused.

The Uniformed men are selling milk they obtain from these on a commercial basis, it is reported. Apart from lands have taken over by them, they have robbed more than 100 cattle, the affected people said. They take whatever amount needed for them from milk obtained from the robbed Cattle and sell the balance through milk vendors. Meanwhile we are drinking plain tea due to lack of money to buy milk.

Meanwhile the Navy personnel in Vadduvagal Navy camp also have captured cattle of the people and after continuous requests from the owners of the cattle, they have consented to release the cattle. However the release is being delayed due to one reason or another.