Tamil Diplomat

Unite despite divisions: Colombo Archbishop

Colombo Archbishop Rev MaIcolm Cardinal Ranith has appeled to the people to unite despite divisions. In his Independence Day Message stated: “I am pleased to write a message regarding the 67th Independence Day of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. When reconsidering the past 67 years, it can be observed that we have failed to build a common Sri Lankan nationalism, because of the narrow careers which were divided on races, religions, castes-classes, and political parties.

Although a big cry on sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity could be heard in independence celebrations in each year, we should question ourselves whether we have interpreted those words correctly and performed our duty for the uplift and the sustainable development of the nation. Therein, as the freedom we feel leads us to a complete humanity, we should untie despite the divisions with a developing attitude on the country, nation, and the religion under the lion flag. Therefore I bless everyone to uplift the pride within the Sri Lankan identity in an arousing country, totally discarding extremism, fundamentalism, racism, and terrorism.”