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Universities will be given more autonomy, says Minister of Higher Education Luxman Kirielle at University of Jaffna

Minister of Higher Education Luxman Kirielle said that, Universities will be given more autonomy and they will have to run their day to day operations. Universities Cannot operate freely under the political arm of any government. A University is the place for free expression, exchange of ideas, new discoveries and innovations. These cannot be achieved, if you do not have a certain degree of autonomy, he said.

He was speaking at the Jaffna University after opening a Ladies Hostel there today at around10.30 a.m.

He further said that the aim of this government is that Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Christians should live in this country with equal rights like brothers and sisters. Not only Jaffna people but all the major political parties had made mistakes. Let us learn from our mistakes.

He also called upon the people of Jaffna to use their contacts abroad to make the Large Tamil Diaspora to come here and establish Business and Higher Education Institutions here. He also said the Government will support Private Education without any reservations.

At the outset of his speech, he thanked the Northern and Eastern people for voting to elected    Mr. Maithripala Sirisena as the President.