Wednesday 13 November 2019
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University Lecturer sentenced to life for conscripting for LTTE

University Lecturer sentenced to life for conscripting for LTTE

The Vavuniya High Court Judge, Balendran Sasi Mahendran sentenced yesterday to life imprisonment former rehabilitated Militant and a lecturer at the Jaffna University, K.Kannathas.

Following a complaint made with the Kilinochchi police, on the 9th March, 2014, by the father of a girl called Wijeyabalan Manjula that, former militant, Kanesasuntharam Kannathasan (aged 50) took his daughter by force to be conscripted to LTTE. Accordingly the TID arrested him and charged him with abduction on 2016 May 11th.

After the testimonies of the parents of the girl and the Lecturer, the judge delivered his judgement  yesterday, sentencing the accused to life imprisonment. During the trial it was said the girl had been killed in one of the operations of the LTTE.

It is notable that Kannathas had been arrested after end of the war, detained in the war-prisoners camp and subjected to Rehabilitation.

However this sentence is being subjected to much debating in the Social Sites. Tamil nationalist and activists have expressed strong dissent over this sentence in Social sites.

In a context where the Sri Lankan Government which had committed genocide refusing to accept International Investigations mechanism over the War Crimes and Genocide, they have queried whether passing judgment, after bringing person connected the activities of Liberation Tigers under criminal Law is acceptable . They have also noted that it will have the characteristic of causing heavy psychological impact on the overall Tamil Society which had been affected by war, by approaching this matter under Criminal procedure code instead of considering this matter connected to a civil war.


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