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University Students return the letter sent by Governor in Sinhala only regardin the killing of students

The Sinhala only letter sent by the Governor to the students of the University of Jaffna, was sent back to the Governor by the students.

We are unable to understand what you have said. What we are trying to say is that both Sinhala and Tamil are Official Languages in Sri Lana, students have said in their letter written in English.

The students of the University of Jaffna staged a demonstration protesting the killing of two university students. Memorandums were handed over to District Secretary, Jaffna and the Governor of NP. The have sent a reply to the students addressed to, the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremasinghe, but letter was written Sinhala only.

The Media Coordinator of the Governor, Vajira Kodithuwakku had sent a media release in Sinhala only, had said in it that, the memorandum of the students was written in Sinhala and the President of the Arts Faculty Student’s Union had signed in that memorandum. This memorandum was forwarded to the Prime Minister and a copy of  that letter was sent to the students, which is the one that had been returned by students.