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UNP is to offer Sri Lanka in a platter to Asian Islamic state, laments the Chief Thero of Nainathgeevu Naga Viharai

The Chief Thero of Nainatheevu Naga Viharai, Navadagala Pathumakeerthy Thero, who had spewed fierce racist statements against the Muslims living in Sri Lanka, had said that the re-emergence in Politics of the UNP will only facilitate the transformation of Sri Lanka, a Buddhiat Nation into a Muslim Nation.

PathumaKeerthi Thero campaigning on behalf of Mahindha Rajapakse,had further said that, the exclusion of Rajapakses from politics is a curse on Sinhalese people, the Sinhala-Buddhism is going to lose its uniqueness in Sri Lanka.

Elaborating further he had said:

In the context of several Muslim youths joining with the ISIS, several Muslims who were retained by the Sri Lankan Intelligence sector, in the war against the Tigers are able to sustain in their high posts, in whatever government that came to power.

Among them, Rishard Badi-ud-deen, who is with UNP is a dangerous person. He had created new Muslim settlements in Vanni and Wilpattu Forest area. The Muslims, who practice polygamy, had settled here from Burma and Orissa for the purpose of marrying several women. Islamic extremists are preaching special sermons in the guise of Islamic preachers.

The group headed by Rishad Badi-ud-deen who are acting in collusion with the UNP had engaged in several anti-social activities. The activities directed by them will invariably bring the whole of Sri Lanka, under Islamic rule. Hence the re-emergence of UNP in politics of Sri Lanka  will facilitate the transformation of Sri Lanka, a Buddhist country into a Muslim State. If the Islamic extremism will raise its head in Sri Lanka, the tourist sector and important contributor to the economics of Sri Lanka will be adversely affected. The exclusion of Rajapakses, who have the ability to control Extremism in Sri Lanka, is a curse on Sinhala people. Consequently, Sinhala- Buddhism will lose its Uniqueness.