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Unwanted activities spreading speedily in North centering on Schools : the CM expresses fear

The CM, NPC has  said that unwanted activities are spreading in some schools of the North.

A workshop on ” Leadership with values.” was held for Principals yesterday at Kaithady Sri Vinayagar Hall.

Participating as the chief guest, the CM further said, it gives much sorrow and fear to note that unwanted activities spreading speedily in the Schools of the North. Drug abuse, child abuse , visiting unwanted websites and seeing sexually stimulating scenes have caused the students to lose interest in education and indulge in these dangerous practices.

An Attorney, A Doctor, A teacher are to execute the responsibilities as Trustees of society because they had to interact people very closely. The society has placed a heavy faith on them. If they behave in a way detrimental to this hope, they become unsuitable for that positions, he said.