Tamil Diplomat

US eying Trinco to set up base: Prof. Vitharana

Former Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharana has charged that the Sri Lankan gocverment has permitted the US to have a base in Trincomalee and bring its seventh fleet compromising the country’s sovereignty.

He was addressing the media at the N.M Perera Centre in Colombo. He went on that the Sri Lankan navy was being asked to protect the entire Indian Ocean. The capacity of the Sri Lankan Navy, despite its record of bravery, was so limited that there it was finding it difficult to protect our territorial waters from incursions by illegal fishermen from India and elsewhere. If the small Sri Lankan navy is going to be given this huge responsibility, the USA ships will have to be berthed in Sri Lanka.

He stated that if military cooperation of that nature continued, Sri Lanka, too, would become a puppet of the US, like the Philippines. US Ambassador Keshap’s statement at a reception on board the ship USS New Orleans, had substantiated the allegations made by the Socialists Alliance during last few months.