Tamil Diplomat

US will observe Sri Lanka’s 100 day programme: Says Biswal in Colombo

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Biswal had told the US will observe the Sri Lanka’s  new government’s  100 day programme.

In a news briefing today in Colomo, Biswal said Sri Lanka will face critical challenges during the future process.

President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremasinghe have put forth an ambitious agenda for their first one hundred days and much has already been accomplished in such a short time. But we recognise that there is a lot of hard work ahead and some difficult challenges. Sri Lanka can count on the United States to be a partner and a friend in the way forward. Whether it is on rebuilding the economy, on preventing corruption and advancing good governance, and ensuring human rights and democratic participation for all of its citizens. The United States stands with Sri Lanka. Our friendship dates back generations and since Sri Lanka’s independence, the United States has provided over $2 billion in assistance. No country in the world buys more Sri Lankan products than the United States and we look forward to growing and deepening our partnership, to advancing trade and investment.” she said.