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Use underground water with care, CM requests Northern Farmers

I request that, the farmers should be careful in using underground water , reaping high harvests, using technologies like sprinkling and drop irrigations and help our people to get good, clean water, said the CM , yesterday.

When the event for providing explanations on renovation of irrigation wells was held in the Auditorium of Jaffna Library yesterday, he participated as the Chief Guest and extended this request.

Our people give importance to paddy cultivation. But their  other products like vegetables and fruits are popular all over the country.

Many agricultural wells were damaged by war. Super structures and other parts of the wells were damaged and flood waters bring toxic chemical from surrounding fields into the wells and pollute them.

Wind – mill producers, Beta power and Julie power have come forward to offer fund at 20 million per year for 20 years. Their donation for the first year were used to purchase water bowers were purchased. Many people benifited by them. We are now ready to use the 2nd stage of their allocations, he said.