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Uthayakumar appointed as the District Secretary for Baticaloa after a long back-dragging

After a long term back-dragging Manickam Uthayakumar has taken over duties as the District Secretary of Baticaloa.

Several people participated in this event, including the new Additional District Secretary for Batticaloa, Sutharsini Srikanth, Assistant District Secretary, A.Naveswaran, Chief Account, S.Nesarajah, District Director of Planning, R.Neduncheliyan, Divisional Secretaries, Heads of the Departments, Officers and employees of the District Secretariat. Sarojinithevy Charles who was officiating as the District Secretary had been promoted by the Cabinet as the Director of Excise Department on 26.09.2017.

Following Sarojini went out on promotion the District Secretary of Trincomalee was appointed as the Acting District Secretary of Batticaloa.

In a context where no one was appointed as the District Secretary for the last 2 months, Uthayakumar was appointed as the District Secretary on Wednesday, by the Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government, following the approval by the Cabinet.

Manickam Uthayakumar who had been appointed as the District Secretary of Batticaloa, belongs to the Special Grade of the Administrative Service, had served as the Divisional Secretary of various Divisions of the District, Commissioner of Local Government  of the Eastern Province, Commissioner of Baticaloa Municipal Council, and as the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Upcountry New Villages Infrastructure and Social Development.