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Vaiko seeks clarification from Modi

MDMK general secretary Vaiko has demanded a clarification from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on why he has not condemned a Hindutva organisation for portraying Nathuram Godse, who shot dead Mahatma Gandhi, as a patriot. “The organisation is planning to install statues of Godse and has glorified him as a patriot. Have you condemned such talk” he asked the Prime Minister.

Mr. Vaiko was addressing a public meeting on Sunday, held in memory of those who died in the anti-Hindi agitations 50 years ago. Noting that U.S. President Barack Obama had said that Gandhi inspired him, Mr. Vaiko said Mr. Modi “has lost his moral authority to shake hands” with Mr. Obama.He charged the Central government with working towards derailing the economy of Tamil Nadu.

He said Karnataka’s bid to construct dams across the Cauvery and Methane extraction project in the Cauvery delta districts were against the interests of the State.“If dams are constructed, there will be no water for 14 districts, and farmers in these areas will not be able to carry on with agriculture,” he said adding that these measures were planned at derailing the State’s economy. The entire State should raise their voice in protest.

“Tamil Nadu will never accept the imposition of Hindi,” he said. Mr. Vaiko also called for prohibition in the State, as alcoholism led to many crimes, especially those against women. Modi has lost his moral authority to shake hands with Obama who said he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi-(The Hindu).