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Vali-North – Land release – Army prepares schedule – 700 acre to be released soon

The Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Karunasena Hettiarachchi said to Civil officials that,  all lands that are under the Army and could be released will be released within one year. The Army had prepared a schedule for lands release before June next year, he said yesterday. He expressed optimism that 700 acre will be released in one or two weeks.

The Secretary to Defence Ministry and the Tri-Forces chiefs made a visit to Palaly yesterday. SF chief, Jaffna identified to them the 700 odd acre ear marked for release in the oncoming weeks. The Secretary requested the officials to take action to settle landless people in the state lands released earlier, soon.

Although he said that all other lands except those needed for National Security will be released by middle part of oncoming year,  he did not specify amount of lands to be released.